Animal Muse
Cathy Currea, Animal Communicator & Humane Educator. This was a site we took over, on which we have so far completed two update phases. First, we went through the existing site correcting problems and updating information. The next phase was a redesign, using existing content but giving it a new look and feel. Currently, we are on Phase 3, in which we are gradually adding new content and pages.

The Printer Works
The Printer Works sells laser printers, parts, and accessories. We started this site in 1994 and it is an ongoing project that now comprises several thousand pages. We’ve put more than 30 catalogs online to date, scores of data sheets, and special information pages. The home page gets changed every few years. We edit text for these pages and write or rewrite many portions of it, we also design traditionally printed collateral for this company.

JTR (Jaguars That Run)
This site dates back to 1995, and the core of the site content, still in use, was hand coded back then. JTR writes, publishes, and sells instructional manuals for V-8 engine swaps in a variety of automobiles, and makes many of the necessary parts for these swaps — which are also available from the site. This year (2008), we added a customized Paypal shopping cart, which has helped to increase sales, as well as making our client's job easier.

Walking Donegal
Walking Donegal is a subsidiary of Oideas Gael. Our client wanted this site to function as an illustrated brochure that specifically introduces and promotes their Donegal hillwalking courses, and directs interested people to the Oideas Gael main site where they can book courses or find out more.

Mo Chuid den tSaol,
Traditional Songs from Connemara

Mo Chuid den tSaol is the title of a CD recorded by Irish sean-nós singer, Peadar Ó Ceannabháin. We built this site back in 1997, when everyone, including us, was still hand coding, and it won awards at the time. The site still serves its purpose today — to promote the CD, the sean-nós tradition, and the Irish language.


Jane De Cuir: A Little Sympathy—
"Music with a 40s feel: bluesy, edgy, and arty; it's timeless Americana, trendy and bitey".
Jane wanted a simple site reflecting her deeply artistic nature and her musical leanings—with its beauriful turquoisey-green background and the snappy blood red racing stripes, this fills that bill well. Presenting Jane's debut album, "A Little Sympathy". Included are lyrics to all the songs, and an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) with embedded song samples and videos, along with high-res publicity pictures.

Seansaol na hAislinge, old life of the dream
A “business card” site, showcasing this independently produced CD of Irish traditional singing and music, Seansaol na hAislinge, old life of the dream. We also designed and created the CD cover inserts and a 40-page CD booklet containing lyrics, notes, and photos.

Gentle Movement Therapy
Sharon Randall created Gentle Movement Therapy from her 35 years as a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (GCFP), her experience as a graduate of the Embodied Life School, and her past experience in massage therapy. She works with her clients one-on-one to help them recover from injuries and achieve other physical goals. This simple, custom-designed web site was created to match her simple needs and small budget, to help Sharon achieve a presence on the web in a way that suits her business and her being.

empty Villa Musical
This site was made to advertise a private villa for holiday rental in Spain. The owner of the villa, an individual who lives in Ireland, wanted a simple way for people to view the property and its amenities, and contact him directly, by e-mail or by using a form online.

empty Heavenly Harpist
Sally Fletcher is the wonderful, Heavenly Harpist. Sally lives in Marin County, California She teaches piano and harp in the Bay Area and appears live at all sorts of venues. Sally also has recorded many CDs and written two books, all of which are for sale at her web site. Originally, we took over her site when it needed extensive repair and upgrade—but we worked with Sally to keep the "old fashioned" look and feel she loves: her pretty (and appropriate) soft pink with rosebuds. At first, we repaired and extended her existing shopping cart, but recently we replaced that with Sally's own Amazon Store—which works well for her. We also created and installed sound samples for every track of every CD, and have added more pages over the years, as well, expanding Sally's online offers and presence.

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